Frequently Asked Questions

The Shelter

Is the shelter for women and children?
This shelter is for single women only, over the age of 18.

Where is the shelter?
We do not disclose the location, other than that it is in the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai area.

How many women stay in the shelter?
We can provide accommodation for up to 10 women at a time.

How long can someone stay?
The maximum stay is 3 months, during which time a professional case worker will assist the woman with getting back on her feet and aiming to achieve lasting change for the better.



I’d like to do a fundraiser and have someone from the Shelter speak at my event. Is that possible?
Yes, we’d be happy to have someone come along and address your group. Please contact us with the the details (ideally at least a few weeks in advance) and we’ll be in touch.



Are donations tax deductible?
Yes, donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. All donations are handled via MyCause. Please visit our Support Uspage for more details.

What do you need at the moment?
From time to time we have a need for specific items. Please contact us for more information.

Can I donate clothes for women and children?
While we would LOVE to have a large stock, unfortunately we simply do not have the storage space. Our clients make use of existing charities, such as St Vincent’s,  Salvation Army etc, which are set up to handle clothing. Please refer to our Links page for a list of charities.

Can I donate food?
Yes, but please get in touch before you do. Storage space is VERY limited. We can let you know what is needed most at a particular time so you can tailor your donation. If you’re interested in doing a drive or large collection, please visit our Foods & Goods Drive page. Please note we are not accepting ANY toiletries until further notice.

Can I donate fresh food?
Yes, but we only have limited space available. Please contact our Fresh Food coordinator.

Can I donate furniture, household items and toiletries?

Unfortunately, we simply do not have space to take these items but we do work with charities that would be happy to take your donation. Our clients will make use of those when they have a need. Please visit our Links page for a list.

We have an agreement with the Salvation Army and St Vincent’s in Hornsby, who will set aside furniture donations made for the Shelter, when then can.  Please refer to our Links page.

Please note we are not accepting ANY toiletries until further notice.

What else can I donate?
Please contact us for all other donations. We would like things we can sell at our market stalls, for example.




Can I help out at the Shelter?
Occasionally we will have openings for volunteers at the shelter but these are VERY limited. To participate you must attend training and undergo a background check. Please visit our Volunteers page.

Can I do work experience at the Shelter for my study?
Occasionally we may have a spot available for selected students. Please email our Shelter Manager for more information.

How can I help the organisation?
We need help regularly, especially around events and fundraising. If you’re interested in helping out, please sign up as a volunteer. When we need someone, we will put out a call.

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