Food and Goods

Foods & Goods 

We have a pantry, just like the one at your house and we keep everything you need to run a household. There is always a list of items that are required. You may like to consider organising a small drive amongst your friends, to help stock the cupboards with these depleted items.

If you would like to support the shelter in this way, please contact us first to ensure you know what is required and that storage facilities are available, and to make arrangements for pickup and delivery. Our storage facilities are VERY limited so planning is important and we’d HATE to turn away a surprise donation, simply because we don’t have space.


The Wish List

From time to time we have a particular need for things. Please contact us to find out what our current needs are.


The things we cannot take… Furniture, Women’s Clothes, Baby goods, Toys, Toiletries, Household items

Unfortunately, we simply do not have space to take these items but we do work with charities that would be happy to take your donation. Our clients will make use of those when they have a need. Please visit our Links page for a list.

We have an agreement with the Salvation Army and St Vincent’s in Hornsby, who will set aside furniture donations made for the Shelter, when then can.  Please refer to our Links page.

Please note we are not accepting ANY toiletries until further notice.

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