Fundraising Tips

Although everyone will approach fundraising differently, below are some tips to get you started and on your way to reaching your goal.

  • Pick an activity or event that you like doing. You can do anything! Run a lemonade stall, do a bake sale, enter in the City to Surf, dye your hair in a certain colour, organise a mufti day at work, busk at the mall, you name it!
  • Personalise and update your online fundraising page frequently. Add a picture of you and let people know why you have decided to raise funds for us. It is also important to note where their funds will directly benefit the shelter and will help keep our doors open.
  • Approach your boss to find out if there are match giving schemes, whereby they match their employees’ charitable contributions.
  • Ask close friends and family members to donate first as other people may then match their generosity.
  • Make a list of people to ask for donations and decide the best way to make contact with them. Although you may feel a nuisance, don’t be shy about approaching people. Remember that the worst they can do is say “no”. Most people will happily support you though.
  • Keep your friends informed. Email them your fundraising link and provide regular updates on your progress via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram of whatever other social media you use. The updates are interesting for those who have already supported you and a reminder for those who haven’t.
  • Include the link to your fundraising page on your email signature, at both work and home. This will raise awareness of your efforts and ensure every email you send could prompt a possible donation.
  • Be creative – put up posters with your fundraising link, host a dinner party and ask for a small donation as an admission fee, or offer to do chores in return for a donation.
  • Don’t forget to remind everyone post event that there are still opportunities to fundraise. They might be persuaded by the effort you put in and what a great result you achieved.
  • Last but certainly not least: remember to say THANK YOU to your everyone who supported your effort.

Hop over to our Support Us page to get started!

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